This two week camp is great for those musicians from age 7 to 17, must have some mastery of instrument or vocalist just beginning their music journey.  Great for young musicians who want to learn and experience the live performance aspect of playing music.   Also a great mentoring opportunity for experienced musicians to help those with less experience.     Ideal for ages 7 to 17 with some music experience.  The performance is on the Friday of the second week of Camp at noon.


Students will organize their band, name their band and pick songs to learn in the next 10 days, then perform those songs on stage for their family and fans.    This is agreat team building experience and helps to overcome shyness.   It also instill a love for music and playing music in most participants and advances skills for those who have been taking lessons.


*Also a guest appearance by a famous touring band may happen this week   :-)


2 Week Rock Star Camp August 3 - 14

  • Students enrolled in Summer camp can come in anytime for a free evaluation and a free trial lesson if desired.   Call anytime Monday through Thursday from 3 until 9 or Saturday 10 until 3.

5700 Concord Parkway, S. Concord, NC 28075


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