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Rock University Pricing & Policy Agreement


Weekly 30min lessons and Band Rehearsals are referred to as ‘Blocks’.


1. 30min weekly lessons/Band = 1 Block = $130/mo

2. 2nd Block (for Band or for 1 hour lessons) = add $110 ($90 for 3rd Block & beyond)

3. Family Discount ($15 per block, per student)

4. Single Lesson = $40 (paid in advance, no reimbursements or makeups)


Monthly rates are priced based on 4 lessons per month. Occasionally the calendar will provide you with months with 5 lessons. These lessons can be used by Rock University to balance against any possible closures due to holidays, weather, or unforeseen circumstances; otherwise, they are bonus lessons to you.


We must receive 24 hours notice of a cancellation. We will try to provide you with a rescheduled make-up if possible; this may mean coming to a single lesson on a different day or time. If this is not possible, you will be sent a video make-up lesson through your Teacher Zone Account and this will be considered your make-up for the missed lesson. ‘No-call/no-shows’ are not entitled to a make-up lesson, and Rock University does not ‘bank’ make-up lessons.


We must receive written notice at that the student wishes to discontinue lessons 30 days prior to the last lesson. Please remember this policy is for the sake of the instructors. With the appropriate notice, we have the time to get your spot replaced on their schedule so that their income is not impacted.


Rock University reserves the right to continue charging your card until 30 days notice has been given; absence from lessons does not constitute a declaration of cancellation. Without 30 days notice, Rock University reserves the right to prorate and charge the appropriate amount to your card on file (see Billing & ACH Agreement) to satisfy the 30 day policy. Rock University also reserves the right to send any outstanding unpaid balances to collections.


Rock University uses Square for billing. A card will be kept on file, and your monthly rate automatically charged on the 1st of each month. These

payments cover all lessons/rehearsals for the rest of that month. Charges are prorated accordingly based on any changes to your plan mid-month.


Rock University provides expensive and sensitive equipment (including instruction on its operation) for its students, and as such, expects said equipment to be treated and operated respectfully. You may be responsible for damage to equipment due to negligent behavior and/or irresponsible use. You may also be responsible for any damage to Rock University store (RU Gear) merchandise and/or to any Rock University facilities/assets due to negligent behavior and/or irresponsible use.


Please supervise children that are not in lessons or band.


Rock University will not tolerate disrespectful, inappropriate, or aggressive behavior towards its students, parents, and staff, and reserves the right to terminate its relationship with a client if they fail to understand and comply with this agreement.



By electronically signing below, I have read and understand the Pricing, Make-up Lesson Policy, Permanent Cancellation Policy, Billing & ACH Agreement, and Facilities & Relationship Agreement, and agree to their terms and policies.

Thanks for signing the Pricing & Policy Agreement.  Welcome to Rock University!

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