Missed Appointment and Cancellation Policy

Lesson Vacation: Please inform your instructor or staff as soon as you know you will be out. We will try to provide you with a preemptive make-up if possible; this may mean coming to a single lesson on a different day or time. If this is not possible you will be sent a video makeup lesson through your Teacher Zone Account and this will be considered your make-up for the missed lesson.  Otherwise see 30 day notice for long term unpaid absences.


Missed appointments may be made up via video and sent to the student’s TeacherZone.com account. The Video will be 20-25 minutes in length and considered by instructor and staff to be student’s make-up for that week.

Student can also access a library of courses inside teacher zone for additional help and practice or message the teacher with specific questions regarding the lesson.

Students that miss 2 consecutive Appointments without calling or emailing us, will be deemed to have left the program and your appointment time will be open to new students.

Long Term or Permanent Cancellation of Lesson Appointment: We must receive written notice at RockUCharlotte@gmail.com that the student wishes to discontinue lessons 30 days prior to the last lesson.

If no notice is given payment will be charged per the attached schedule. Please remember these appointment timeslots are the instructor’s livelihood. If a spot is booked for a student, the instructor cannot earn income on a different student who may be waiting for that open spot. You are paying for his/her time and expertise and he/she is budgeting ahead for his/her income.

Billing Schedule and Acceptable Forms of Payment

All new and current students must have a signed Authorization for ACH or Credit Card Recurring Payment Form. This gives you two ways to pay your student Lesson Appointment and/or Band fee. ACH direct draft from your checking account or Credit Card draft.

Please keep these dates as no additional notice will be sent. If the date falls on a banking holiday, payment will be processed on the first banking day after the holiday.

New students will be pro-rated to the next payment due date for lessons and thereafter payment will be due and drafted on the dates in the above schedule. Example: Start date 03-22, you would pay for 2 lesson appointments for 3-22 and 3-29. Thereafter you would enter into our recurring billing program and be billed on 4/1 for the next month.



Lesson Appointment: Your Lesson time, the teacher is reserved just for you during this time.
Block: 30 minutes. Lessons are blocked into 30 minutes, per week, per month.
Performance Band: A group program where students play in a live band, learning songs and performing a live rock concert at a local venue.
Season: Performance Band start to end is a season. Begins with casting party and ends with final concert. Session: 1/3 of a Performance Band Season (Usually a 4 week period). Used for billing and scheduling.
Teacher Zone: The scheduling and learning platform we are employing. Each student should have a login, if you do not have one ask the staff for your login and password reset.
ACH: An electronic check which is automatically drawn on your bank, with your written authorization.
Venue Fee: Performance band ends with a full rock concert at a local venue. These venues charge us rent, Additional charges occasionally apply for things such as the sound engineer or alternate drink and food menus. We charge each family 60.00 per band season for unlimited tickets to the event to offset this fee.